Sets of flies to tempt fish on a wide range of waters. Packed in card boxes and a painted label these make ideal gifts.

If you want a set made to suit a specific water, just ask. The box painting can be match any water.



Salmon & Sea Trout Selection  -  22 Single hook flies to tempt fish on loch or river   -  £16

Patterns included: Zero Elvers, Whitebait, Zero Muddlers, Stoats Tail, Peter Ross Black Pennell etc.,



Double Salmon Selection  - Traditional and Modern Patterns #10 flies  - 10 flies for  £16

Patterns included: StoatsTail, New Elver Fly, Big Blue, Willie Gunn, Highland Park Shrimp



Jungle Cock Double Salmon Fly Selection #10 - Flies to please to flyfisher and the fish!  -  10 flies for £18

Patterns included: Stoats Tail, Gledswood,  Park Shrimp, Elver Fly, Prawn Fly



Saltwater Sea Trout - Key patterns to tempt sea trout feeding in esturies and tidal pools/rivers. - 20 flies for £15

Patterns include: Zero Elver, Whitebait, Zero Muddler, Teal, Blue & Silver, Stoats Tail, Medicine etc.,



North Country Spiders - A selection of Yorkshire and Clyde Style Spiders that will catch fish on any fast river -  30 flies for £15

Patterns include: Partridge & Orange, Snipe & Purple, Waterhen Bloa, Sandfly, Hen Blackie, Blae & Harelug etc.,



Czech Nymphs - Three weights of fly included to ensure well balanced teams can be made.  -  25 flies for £15

Patterns include: Tungsten Stonefly, Goldbead Hares Ear, GB Killer Bug, Leaded PInk Larva etc.,




Tactical Wild Trout Flies - Essential patterns for loch and river. Including 'Flies for Rising Trout and 'Flies for when Trout are not rising - 32 flies for £15

Dryflies: Straggler, Long Legged Midges, CDC Caddis. Weighted Flies: GB Damsel, GB Hares Ear, GB Black & Peacock etc.,



The 'Hebridean Cast' - Point on Bob wetflies #12 to make two fly teams to use on any water for Wild Brown Trout - 32 flies for £15

Bob Flies: Black Spider, Spiny Norman, Loch Ordie. Point Flies: Wee Peter, Black Spider, GB Hares Ear etc.,